Robinson Dental Core Values

What we believe: We believe in our core values so much that we hire and train based on them.

We believe in: Having FUN with our patients and each other. We have a firm belief that life is too short to not have fun. We also believe that a smile is contagious and when you’re having fun, you smile. And everyone knows that we’re all about beautiful smiles!

We believe in: Being part of and contributing to our COMMUNITY. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves: helping to make our community a better place for ourselves and our children through improved health and giving back is how we can accomplish this goal.

We believe in: Being GRATEFUL for our patients, each other and our God-given talents. We believe that it is an honor (and we’re grateful) to serve others and share our gifts. We believe in constantly bettering ourselves in order to continue to serve.

We believe in: Working for and with TRUSTWORTHY people. Every relationship must be a win-win: with our patients, our team, our vendors, our community, our families and our friends. Trust is the glue that holds these relationships together. We trust that we always have each other’s backs.

We believe in: TEAMWORK. We believe that we do the best work for our patients and each other when we help each other. No one is perfect 100% of the time, and when we are able to rely on each other without judgement, we can achieve great things!

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