Our patients are the most important part of our practice. Get to know some of your fellow patients by reading and viewing their stories and testimonials here.

See For Yourself

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Patient Video Testimonials

Quality Dental Care Wayland Coopersville Mi

Stacy’s Story
“The staff here are very friendly and responsive, Dr. Robinson was very kind.”

Comforting Dentists Wayland Coopersville Mi

John’s Story
“I used to always dread going to the dentist, but compared to the classic trip to the dentist, It’s pretty good.”

Comforting Dentists Wayland Coopersville Mi

Zonia’s Story
“I really think that they treat each and every patient like a VIP.”

Comforting Dentists Wayland Coopersville Mi

Amber’s Story
“At Robinson Dental, I really do look forward to every appointment that I have.”

Quality Dental Care Wayland Coopersville Mi

Nicole’s Story
“Whenever I come into Robinson Dental, I feel like they remember who I am, They know my whole family, They ask about my kids.”

Quality Dental Care Wayland Coopersville Mi

Jennifer’s Story
“They explained the process very well, Their communication was second to none. Which takes my anxiety and makes it disappear.”

Notes from Our Patients

Good to Me and My Family

“I had a broken tooth in the back of my mouth. My previous dentist’s work had all come loose in only nine months, and he refused to fix the work at no charge. Robinson Dental is close to my home and offered the flexibility of a payment plan, so I gave them a try. Dr. Beth has been very nice and understanding. The team always seems in a good mood and very willing to work with their patients. I definitely recommend Robinson Dental!” — Valerie Whitt

Wonderful, Caring

“We both come to Robinson Dental every six months to prevent dental surprises. Dr. Beth is a wonderful, caring dentist. We love the atmosphere at the office and the wonderful team. In fact, the entire staff keeps us in stitches. If you need a giggle, they are there to help. IT’s such a friendly place that we like looking forward to our appointments. If you are looking for a great dental experience, give this office a try — you won’t regret it!” — Larry & Sue Philp

Guaranteed to Leave Laughing

“Dr. Beth cares for her patients, making sure they are satisfied and all of their needs are met. She even calls in the evening following any procedure to check on you, and she takes the time to patiently set up treatment plans. Dr. Beth and the Robinson team care about their patients. You are treated like family the moment you walk through the door, and you are guaranteed to leave laughing. They help to take the worry and fear out of going to the dentist.” — Jason & Robin Beckwith

The Perfect Choice

“Robinson Dental is the best. Very professional, extremely friendly and light-hearted, and an excellent dentist. I actually enjoy my appointments! Everyone on the team makes you feel comfortable and cared for. They seem interested in me as a person as well as a patient. If you’re searching for a quality, caring dentist, Robinson Dental is the perfect choice!” — Jim Hallberg

No One Hurts Here

“I’ve always had a tremendous amount of fear when going to the dentist. But at my very first visit with Dr. Beth, she told me, ‘No one hurts here!’ While I’m nervous every time I come in, Dr. Beth and the team settle me down so I can get through each visit. My advice to anyone who’s anxious about going to the dentist is: don’t let fear keep you from good dental health! You can trust Robinson Dental. I drive an hour just to be with this great team!” — David Doyle