Sports Mouth Guards

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Do you play a contact sport? Does your child? In contact sports, players often wear various pads and protective gear to prevent serious injury. That’s why sports mouth guards are so important — to prevent an emergency dental visit after a game or match.

Sports mouth guards protect your teeth from impact damage sustained from an outside force. Whether you’re tackled on the field or hit by a ball, you’ll want to make sure your teeth aren’t knocked out the next time you’re knocked to the ground.

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouth Guards

At Robinson Dental, we offer custom sports mouth guards designed for your specific smile. These are stronger and more effective than the generic mouth guards you can buy at your local sporting goods store.

With a custom sports mouth guard, you’ll benefit from a higher level of tooth protection during your next game. Speak with our dentists about the kinds of sports you’re playing and what sort of protection you may need. That way, we can craft a sports mouth guard that meets your exact needs.

Even if you don’t play a contact sport, you may still benefit from a custom sports mouth guard. Many individual sports, such as snowboarding and mountain biking, can result in serious dental injuries. A sports mouth guard can add that extra level of protection no matter what sport you play.

Differences Between Night Guards and Sports Mouth Guards

If you’re an athlete who suffers from nighttime teeth grinding or TMJ disorder, then you may already have a night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep. You may be wondering, “Can I just use my night guard during my next game?”

Unfortunately, you can’t use your night guard for anything other than sleeping. Night guards are designed to absorb impact from internal forces — i.e., your teeth. They offer protection from yourself. Sports mouth guards, on the other hand, are designed to absorb impact from outside forces — an aggressive tackle, for example, or a wild baseball pitch to the mouth.

Your night guard won’t be much help the next time your jaw is hit by a poorly aimed pass during your next basketball game. Similarly, your sports mouth guard will probably be too bulky and uncomfortable to sleep in since it’s only meant to be worn for a few hours during gameplay.

If you’re worried about the cost of a custom sports mouth guard, keep in mind that mouth guards are typically cheaper than an emergency visit to the dentist. By investing in a sports mouth guard now, you may be saving yourself from paying for a more expensive tooth restoration down the line.

Protect Your Smile While You Play

Our sports dentists in Cascade, Coopersville and Wayland, MI, help athletes protect their smiles with sports mouth guards while they play. To get fitted for your sports mouth guard, call Robinson Dental today at (616) 259-5887 for Cascade, (616) 384-4129 for Coopersville, and (269) 509-4155 for Wayland. You can also request an appointment online.