Dental Technology

The Latest in Dental Technology in the Grand Rapids Area.

At all of our locations in Coopersville and Wayland, Robinson Dental offers the very latest in dental care and dental technology. We keep up with developments in the field to provide high-quality care. All of our medical staff is not only well trained, they also systematically and continuously update their knowledge to provide the most effective treatments possible for our patients. Ask about incorporating the following dental technology into your treatment:

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry may sound like science fiction, but since the 1990s has proven to be one of the safest and most effective ways to perform minimally invasive dental procedures of several varieties. Laser dentistry is practically pain-free –– it can eliminate the need for any anesthetic in certain procedures so you can experience a relaxing, worry-free dental appointment and return to business as usual as soon as possible with minimal recovery time and follow-up appointments.


Sedation is necessary for many major oral surgeries as it relaxes a patient so you don’t have to experience pain or discomfort. We take care to provide our patients with the type of sedation that works best for their needs and administer optimal doses to reduce recovery time after each procedure.


Using the latest imaging and dental technology, we can assess our patients’ oral health without invasive procedures and spot possible health concerns before they can cause problems or permanent damage. We provide scans and assessments using the following imaging tech:

  • Digital Radiographs X-rays
  • Cosmetic Imaging
  • Spectra™
  • Intraoral Camera
  • E4D Scanning Technology
  • Digital Photography
  • Identafi Oral Cancer Screener
  • i-Cat 3D Imaging
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