Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Dentists Wayland Coopersville Mi

At Robinson Dental, we offer in-house oral surgery to ensure that our patients can find all the care they need under one roof. While other dentists need to refer patients to other locations for their oral surgery, you’ll only need to make one stop when you choose our office!

Sedation Options

For many oral surgeries, sedation will likely be necessary. Our sedation options relax our patients so you don’t have to experience pain or discomfort.

We take care to provide our patients with the type of sedation that works best for their needs and administer optimal doses to reduce recovery time after each procedure.

Dental sedation is safe and effective. Patients with dental anxiety won’t have to worry about being aware of their procedure as it’s happening. We offer a range of sedation options, so our team will talk to you about which one is right for your procedure.


Depending on the type of sedation you opt for, you might not be able to drive yourself home after your procedure. Our dentist will discuss your treatment plan with you before your oral surgery so you can make sure to arrange for transportation if needed.

You will need to give your mouth time to properly heal. During this time, try to eat soft foods, avoid smoking and tobacco, and refrain from drinking through straws, as this can disrupt the clotting process. Keep the area clean but be gentle when you brush and floss so you don’t disturb the healing process.

Some discomfort is normal after an oral surgery. Most discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. Our team will talk to you about your pain management options so you’ll know what to expect.

Ready to Make an Appointment?

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about your upcoming oral surgery. To make an appointment with our dentists in Cascade, Coopersville and Wayland, MI, give us a call at (616) 259-5887 for Cascade, (616) 384-4129 for Coopersville, and (269) 509-4155 for Wayland.