Meet Tailor, Our Certified Dental Assistant!

Hi everyone! I’m Tailor, a certified dental assistant at Robinson Dental. I’ve always known I wanted to be in a job where I’d help people, but I never imagined dentistry would be my calling.

It all started for me when I heard a dentistry ad on the radio ... CONTINUE READING

Can Oral Health Affect Sleep?

You might’ve noticed we talk about the mouth-body connection all the time, in other words, the relationship between your oral health and overall body health. Proactive dental care might keep your teeth clean, presentable, and cavity-free … but great oral health can do so much more, including improve your sleep quality!

How do we define poor sleep versus great sleep? It starts with ... CONTINUE READING

Win a Jeep!

We’re hosting a birthday bash and grand opening for our brand-new Cascade office! You’re officially invited to our grand opening party, where we will be giving away our Robby D Jeep! ... CONTINUE READING

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