Meet Kelly, Our Insurance Billing Specialist!

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m Kelly, an insurance billing specialist for Robinson Dental. Like the name suggests, I perform the billing to insurance for our patients. That’s pretty different from my old job, to say the least. After working for eight years in manufacturing for a pharmaceutical company, I don’t think I would’ve expected ... CONTINUE READING

Don’t Try These TikTok Trends at Home

TikTok is a resource for funny videos but also tips and tricks to help your everyday life. But some trends on the app can be detrimental to your teeth. A few dental trends especially can harm your teeth. Here are three trends you DON’T want to try at home ... CONTINUE READING

How to Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is here, and the cold has settled in. You’ve gotten out your fuzzy slippers and put on an extra sweater, but maybe you still can’t shake that chill. Before you crank up the heat again, is there anything else you can do to keep warm? Here are a few ideas you can try ... CONTINUE READING

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