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We pride ourselves on the effort we make to take amazing care of our patients, and you can’t do that without amazing team members. If you’re interested in applying for a job, please review the employment details below and submit the application form. We look forward to meeting you!

Employment Benefits

Robinson Dental is an equal opportunity employer that offers employment opportunities that promote professional, personal, and financial growth. Our goal as an organization is to provide our employees with continuous professional development and a supportive work environment. A position within our company comes with a competitive wage package; including paid time off, health/vision/life insurance, dental benefits, 401k match, uniform allowance, daily incentives, opportunities for advancement, group training, and more.

Employment Opportunities

Business Team

The Robinson Dental Business Team is the hub of the office!

This team is responsible for a multitude of duties including check-in, check-out, accounts receivable, scheduling, patient correspondence, insurance correspondence, patient treatment plans, end-of-night tasks, and more. The Business Team focuses heavily on teamwork and maintains a can-do attitude with top-notch customer service at the forefront. This team is responsible for communicating with the clinical teams and maintaining the practice’s daily flow. The ideal team member would be willing to grow, adaptable to change, able to thrive in a fast-paced environment, and self-motivated.

Key Tasks:

  • Checking patients in
  • Fabricating patient treatment plans
  • Collecting and posting patient co-pays with accuracy
  • Processing patient paperwork
  • Communicating with insurance companies when necessary
  • Scheduling
  • Addressing patient questions/concerns
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Maintaining a cleanly office appearance

The Robinson Dental Greeter is the first face of the office!

The Greeter is also the voice of their location to inform and promote events, specials, and giveaways. This individual should be customer-service oriented and allude friendliness and positivity. The individual should also be reliable in communication and follow-through. Maintaining a high standard for patient experience and office aesthetics is also key. This individual should represent the culture of the office and strive to bring the team together in positive unity.

Key Tasks:

  • Checking patients in
  • Collecting co-pays with accuracy
  • Processing patient paperwork
  • Maintaining a cleanly office appearance
  • Liaison for community events
Assistant Team

This Robinson Dental Assistant Team is a group of highly skilled individuals that work alongside our doctors towards a common goal – patient oral health and overall health!

Under the doctor’s supervision, this department prepares patients for oral examinations and assists in providing treatment to the teeth, mouth, and gums. The Dental Assistant team is trained to efficiently perform more sophisticated functions; such as removing sutures, processing x-rays, scanning, and taking oral impressions. The ideal team member would be self-motivated, eager to learn and comfortable with continuing education, and can perform at a high skill-level in a fast-paced environment while also providing an excellent patient experience.

Key Tasks:

  • Show patients to treatment rooms
  • Room set up, tear down, and sanitation before and after each patient
  • Process x-rays
  • Fabrication of temporary crowns
  • Take impressions
  • Pour up models
  • Oral scans with i-CAT, Itero, Identafi, etc. 
  • Educating patients on treatment options using typodonts, Guru, and more
Sterilization Team

The Sterilization Team at Robinson Dental is the support for our clinical teams.

This team is responsible for maintaining the sanitation of instruments, tools, supplies, rooms, etc. that are used during treatment visits. This team is well-versed in our treatment processes, allowing them to adequately set up treatment rooms, seat patients, and take diagnostic x-rays.

The ideal team member for this department would be eager to help, strong in organization skills, and willing to abide by the guidelines set by OSHA and the practice.

Key Tasks:

  • Sterilizing instruments
Hygiene Team

The team of Registered Dental Hygienists at Robinson Dental is the center for all things preventative care.

They specialize in treatments that range from routine cleanings to treating patients that are suffering from severe periodontal disease. This team also caters to patients that suffer from clenching and grinding, applies fluoride and sealants for cavity prevention, performs scans for early detection of oral cancer, and so much more! The ideal team member for our RDH department would be fluent in communication, competent and comfortable with treatment presentations, comfortable with continuing education, and seeking growth within their career in dental hygiene.

Key Tasks:

  • Show patients to treatment rooms
  • Perform preventative care & periodontal treatments, including deep tissue scaling
  • Use of laser
  • Oral scans with i-CAT, Itero, Identafi, etc. 
  • Take impressions
  • Perform Zoom! whitening treatments
  • Perio chart
  • Process x-rays
  • Room set up, tear down, and sanitation before and after each patient
  • Educate patients on treatment options using typodonts, Guru, and more
Call Center

The Robinson Dental Call Center is the center for patient communication and scheduling for all locations. 

Compiled of highly trained individuals with a focus on excellent customer service, this team verifies insurance benefits, receives all incoming calls, electronic communication, and more!  The ideal candidate for this team would enjoy a quiet, office atmosphere, be comfortable with consistent training, and would be dependable.

Key Tasks: 

  • answering incoming calls
  • scheduling
  • communication with insurance companies
  • verification of benefits 
  • communicating with off-site locations
  • confirmation of patient appointments
  • electronic patient communication system
Account Specialists

The Patient Accounts team is the central location for all things patient accounts related!

This team serves as a support center for all locations and is a well-rounded and knowledgeable group that handles incoming accounts receivables.  Made up of self-motivated individuals, this group is one of the elite!  The ideal team member would be detail-oriented, professional, organized, and excel at time management skills.

Key Tasks: 

  • sending insurance claims
  • addressing EOB denials and info requests
  • in-house collections 
  • patient/insurance company communication
  • processing patient and insurance company payments

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