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Tooth loss is a common problem for aging patients. Missing teeth can change the way you eat and speak and also alter the shape of your face. At Robinson Dental, we can create natural-looking dentures that restore your smile, support your facial structure, and get you back to eating the foods you love most.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are an economical tooth replacement option for many patients. They are removable, which makes for easy cleaning of both your dentures and your gums. It’s important to clean both regularly to preserve your gum health and prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. There are a few different types of dentures that we offer at Robinson Dental.

Full Dentures

Full dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth. These are ideal for patients who have lost most of their teeth and will lose the rest in time due to age or poor oral health. Occasionally, you will need to have remaining teeth extracted before you can be fitted with full dentures.

Partial Dentures

In some cases, only a few specific teeth need to be replaced with prosthetics or dentures. We can fit you with removable partial dentures that comfortably fill the spaces in your dental profile. We might recommend partial dentures for patients who are only missing a few teeth in cases where the remaining teeth are healthy and strong.

Implant-Supported Dentures

We’re proud to offer specially-designed implant-supported dentures that work alongside your existing dental implants to restore your teeth to their optimal functionality. Implant-supported dentures don’t slip or move around, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments or constant adjustments as you chew, smile, and talk.

Ready to Learn More?

Our dentists can’t wait to help you restore your smile. To make an appointment with our dentures dentists in Cascade, Coopersville and Wayland, MI, give Robinson Dental a call at (616) 259-5887 for Cascade, (616) 384-4129 for Coopersville, and (269) 509-4155 for Wayland.