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You’re Not Too Old for Braces, Here’s Why

Attempting to improve your smile in all your selfies? Not keen on the idea of metal hardware woven around each tooth in your mouth ? You’re an adult who needs to socialize, go to work and appear in public! So, what do you do when you’re too old for a mouth full of metal but want to improve your smile and straighten out your teeth? You should come visit us at Robinson Dental and check out Invisalign — a virtually

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Infant & Toddler Oral Care

Robinson Dental can help parents and caregivers navigate their child’s oral health, make expert recommendations and schedule special dental visits for your child. To make an appointment or learn more, please call your local office. Wayland 269-509-4155269-509-4155 Coopersville 616-384-4129616-384-4129 Before The First Tooth Taking care of your children’s teeth is important and starts before their first tooth makes its debut. Parents and caregivers can use an infant gum massager, clean damp gauze or a washcloth to wipe down their infant’s

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No Fear, Dental Implants Are Here: Advantages and Getting Started

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss and were once limited to bridges and dentures for treatment but, at Robinson Dental, that is no longer the case. Through the replacement of tooth roots, dental implants provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth that look, act and feel natural. Advantages Big, bright smile and self-esteem! Dental Implants look and feel like your own teeth so you can take back your smile and stop worrying about missing teeth. Strong and Comfortable Dental

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You’ll Want to Brush Your Teeth After Eating These Foods

By now, most people are familiar with how food and drink can impact oral hygiene. There are the common things like avoiding too much coffee and tea to prevent staining, or avoiding onions and garlic that can wreck your breath, but it goes much beyond that. We’re taught from an earlier age that eating a lot of candy or chocolate and drinking sugary soda and juices can lead to cavities. We learn to either avoid them in excess or be

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Getting Your Kids to Brush

Raising kids is an incredible amount of work, and one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences a person can have. We know there are many things we teach our kids that will help them grow and serve them greatly their entire lives: how to eat well, useful skills around the house, and proper hygiene are just a few examples. It can be a challenge to help kids see the benefit in many things that feel routine or like a

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