Attempting to improve your smile in all your selfies? Not keen on the idea of metal hardware woven around each tooth in your mouth ? You’re an adult who needs to socialize, go to work and appear in public!

So, what do you do when you’re too old for a mouth full of metal but want to improve your smile and straighten out your teeth?

You should come visit us at Robinson Dental and check out Invisalign — a virtually invisible solution that offers smooth, comfortable aligners and a laundry list of benefits that will help you continue #adulting.

But Taco Tuesday!
No worries my margarita loving friend, you can eat whatever you want with Invisalign. I repeat, whatever you want. Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Laffy Taffy… you get the point.

But work, kids, the dog and life!
Busy is a badge of honor these days and we understand you can’t stop your life for weekly dentist appointments. The solution? We only want to see your beautiful face every 4 – 6 weeks! Feel free to drop in more often though, especially if you’re bringing cookies.

But hot date/important meeting/my wedding!
Do you have a special event coming up? Or maybe you have a lunch meeting with your boss and need to impress?

No fear, Invisalign can be removed whenever you want, just make sure to listen to your dentist about how to get the best results from your aligners.

Now What?
Call Robinson Dental of course! We will get you set up with a specially trained dentist who will walk you through process and answer any questions you may have.